Whyalla High School



Whyalla High School is a middle school catering for years 8, 9 and 10 students, the majority of whom are from English-speaking families within the Whyalla city precincts and from a variety of socio-economic backgrounds. The core values endorsed by the whole school community of respect, inclusion, relationships and learning achievement underpin the working relationships between all people connected with our school.

Our school mission is to provide an engaging, stimulating, success oriented learning environment where all students feel safe, are happy and are supported and challenged to achieve to the best of their ability. High quality teaching and middle schooling pedagogy ensure all students are supported to achieve aspirational, individual learning targets within a culture that supports the mental health and wellbeing of each child. Current priorities include: improving teacher quality and learning outcomes, improving student wellbeing for learning and creating high quality conditions for learning

We work in alliance with two other public schools in Whyalla (Edward John Eyre High School and Whyalla Stuart High School) to ensure rich curriculum choice and successful pathways for all young people. We are a partner in the Eyre and Western Region Trade Training Centre providing certificate-level courses in hospitality and kitchen operations within a commercial kitchen environment. Students follow a school structure that keeps them in core teams with consistent teachers for a large part of the school day. Core learning teams operate across years 8, 9 and 10, composed of two classes, two specialist teachers (one in mathematics/science, the other English and humanities) and support staff. A rich selection of specialist subjects are on offer in year 9 and 10, after every child has experienced all subjects in year 8. Whyalla High School is recognised nationally as a MindMatters school reflecting the excellent and sustained work we do in supporting student and community wellbeing.