The house system is used to promote a positive school culture, encourage school connectedness and celebrate student success. House points are awarded for a range of student achievements to promote friendly competition between houses.

General Description

House points are allocated to the houses of Monarch (red), Prince (blue), Duke (yellow) and Baron (green) for a range of school initiatives. Students are placed in a house when they enrol at the school and generally siblings belong to the same house. Points are progressively updated throughout the year.

Each house is led by two staff representatives and two student house leaders who are voted in at the beginning of each year.

House points are earned on behalf of indvidual students or team activities and are credited to their respective houses. Points are earned through four categories: sport, academic, extra-curricular and service/ conduct.

The award of Champion House is presented to the house which accrues the greatest number of points during the year. The Champion House is announced at the end of year school assembly.