Interoception is our 8th sense. It helps us feel what is going on inside our body. Good interoception helps us clearly feel many feelings and emotions such as pain, thirst, hunger, fullness, illness, need for the bathroom, sleepiness, calmness, distraction, anxiety and anger.

Difficulty with interoception can affect many aspects of life including: healthy eating, sleeping, dealing with stress, managing emotions and staying focused. 

General Description

At Whyalla High we have a room (M6) for students to access if they feel they are becoming upset, angry or overwhelmed. The room is staffed by an SSO each day.

It is a calm and relaxing space where students can engage in breathing, stretching and meditation activities. These help develop strategies to support students to recognise and understand their body cues and self-regulate.

It is important to manage these emotions and behaviours so students can engage in learning. There are also a number of sensory activities and objects to help calm students so they can re-enter their class.

Each teacher is issued ‘Exit’ cards in which students can use to leave the classroom and access M6 for a short period of time.