macqlit intervention

All students are capable of learning when they are highly engaged, with appropriate learning opportunities and support. Some students need additional support to access educational opportunities and to achieve success. 

Here at Whyalla High School we are assisting and supporting students to become the best they can be through the participation in the MacqLit Program. MacqLit is a reading program for students who need some help with their reading. The aim of MacqLit is to help those struggling with their reading catch up with their classmates as quickly as possible. The key elements of MacqLit are Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.

The primary focus of MacqLit is on phonics, or word identification, supported by connected text reading to ensure skills are generalised to authentic reading experiences. The teaching of phonic skills is addressed through 122 carefully scripted lessons, divided into nine parts, delivered to small groups.

The carefully constructed sequence of lessons teaches essential skills such as:
• Letter-sound correspondences presented in an easy to hard sequence,
• Strategies for decoding multi-syllable words,
• Prefixes and suffixes, and
• Generalising component skills through connected text reading.