snow tour

Year 10 Snow Tour 

Length Tutorial Workshops – Term 2, Tour – Term 3
Year Level 10
Destination Australian Alpine Location
SACE Elegibility for 10 SACE Credits
Contact Person Ms Katie Edwards

Special Requirements

Students must show consistent commitment to the school values through the year and must participate ion all snow related activities whilst on camp.


Approximately $1,900 – 6 day Snow Tour
(including transport, accommodation, activities, equipment,clothing hire and food costs).


Task 1 – Snow Safety Exam – Students participate in several tutorials in which they learn a variety of safety procedures regarding snow sports and environments. They will then use this knowledge, as well as knowledge of The Alpine Responsibility Code to complete and pass a safety exam.

Task 2 – Snow Safety Group Tasks – while on tour, students demonstrate an understanding of snow safety, they engage in group tasks and show positive preparation skills.

Task 3 – Folio and Discussion – while on tour, students maintain a folio of evidence which demonstrates their learning. They will record diary entries, collect pamphlets from the mountain and take photographs. These will later be used in a presentation to the Snow Tour Leader and group.

If students are successful in the active participation of skiing and complete their Snow Safety Course and Reflective Presentation, they are eligible to receive 10 SACE Credits.