work experience

Work Experience

Year Level 10
Assessment Year 10 students are encouraged to complete workplace learning as part of their career development journey.

Through Work Experience, students will undertake a learning program at a worksite without the direct supervision of a teacher. They will be immersed in a real workplace environment and able to experience the day-to-day operations of certain workplace roles.

Students will have the opportunity to complete their compulsory Workplace Learning Safety Induction at the start of the school year.

Students who want to complete Work Experience will need to follow the step-by-step Work Experience process that enables the school to ensure that the required legal process for Work Experience is completed.

Work Experience Process

Step 1

– Students complete a Workplace safety course, as set by WHS staff

Step 2

– Student identify an appropriate employer (through Google, own networks, support from WHS staff etc.)

– Students identify when they want to go on work experience, taking into consideration other school commitments or paid employment 

Step 3

– Students to complete the Work Placement Online Interest Form on at least 4 weeks before requested date

– Students to collect Lesson Check Sheet from Student Services and complete with teachers

Step 4

– Work Experience SSO contacts the employer and negotiates a suitable date

Step 5

Work Experience SSO starts the Workplace Learning Agreement Form and provided to student

Student returns completed Workplace Learning Agreement Form to Student Services within 4 working days

– Principal approves Workplace Learning Agreement Form

Step 6

– Students/Caregivers receive a letter of confirmation providing final details of placement

Please note that until this letter is received, the placement has not be confirmed.  

Step 7

– Student completes placement

– Students must attend all days and times as agreed. If a student is ill and unable to attend a student / parent/caregiver must contact the employer and the school prior to the start of the agreed placement.

– Care Group teacher will contact employer during the placement and complete Workplace Visit Report 

Step 8

– Student returns Supervisor Report to Student Services upon return to school